Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Metal + Punk Lps & '45s arrival @ LW "Pictures"

Metal + Punk Lps & '45s arrival @ LW

Here's the list of records that came in today


-Adolescents- Balboa Fun Zone (Triple X Recordings) ltd green vinyl  $25
-All- Just Perfect/ Wishing Well 12" (Cruz) $15
-All- Pummel (Interscope) rare original pressing  $125
-The Ataris- End is Forever (Kung Fu) $16
-A Wilhelm Scream- Mute Print (Nitro) ltd to 667 copies   $75
-A Wilhelm Scream- Ruiner (Nitro) purple marble vinyl $60
-A Wilhelm Scream-Career Suicide (Ass-Card/Jump Start) 2nd press blue vnl, 500 copies $40
-A Wilhelm Scream- S/T e.p. (Paper+Plastic) 1st press red/black split vinyl, ltd 333 copies $40

-Bad Religion- True North (Epitaph) $20
-Big Drill Car- Small Block (Cruz)  cut corner $15
-Big Drill Car- Album Type Thing (Cruz) cut corner   $16
-Big Drill Car- No Worse For The Wear (Cargo)   $16
-Bong Jovi- S/T (Superbob) #80/100  $15
-The Business- Loud Proud And Punk- Live (Syndicate) orig. pressing   $40

-Joey Cape- Bridge (Suburban Home) tan/black vinyl ltd to 500 copies $20
-Joey Cape- Doesn't Play Well With Others (Joey Cape) rare self-released version    $50
-Celtic Frost- Morbid Tales (Earmark) 2005 Italian repress $60
-Celtic Frost- Tragic Serenades picture disc (Noise) w/Noise cut-out sleeve   $75
-Chixdiggit!- S/T (Sub Pop)  rare orig. pressing $75
-Chixdiggit!-  Safeways Here We Come (Fat Wreck) ltd to 738 copies   $25
-The Copyrights- Make Sound (It's Alive) first pressing $20
-The Copyrights- North Sentinel Island (It's Alive) ltd to 500 copies $25
-Crusades- The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In (It's Alive) $20
-Crusades- Perhaps You Deliver This Judgement...(No Idea) ltd clear/smokey vinyl $20

-Dag Nasty- Field Day (Fringe/Giant) cover only $8
-Dag Nasty- Four On The Floor (Epitaph) cover only $5
-Descendents- Everything Sucks (Epitaph) blue vinyl ltd 600 copies SEALED  $60
-Descendents- Hypercaffium Spazzinate (Epitaph) $20
-Descendents- Milo Gets Bootlegged  mega rare pink vinyl! ($100) 
-The Dictators- Bloodbrothers (Asylum/Rhino) 180 gram reissue   $25
-Down by Law- All Scratched Up! (Epitaph) 2 lp set $30
-Dropkick Murphys- Going Out In Style (Born & Bred Records) 2lp set    $30

-Face To Face- S/T (Fat Wreck)  $30
-Fates Warning- Night On Brocken (Metal Blade) first press/1st witch cover   $40
-The Flatliners- Cavalcade (Fat Wreck) $30
-The Flatliners- Dead Language (New Damage) Trans brown vinyl ltd 259 copies   $75

-The Gamits- Endorsed By You (Not Bad Records)   $40
-Good Riddance- My Republic (Fat Wreck) $20
-Green Day- Warning: (Adeline) ltd green vinyl reissue $30
-Green Day- Awesome As F**K (Adeline) 2lp set, 180 gram pink vinyl   $80
-Green Day- Uno! (Reprise)   $30
-Green Day- Dos! (Reprise) $30

-Implants- From Chaos To Order (Cyber Tracks) ltd 200 copies, signed by band $80

-Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine- White People & the D Done $$20
-Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine- The Audacity Hype  1st pressing  $25
-Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine- Enhanced Method Questioning  $20
-Judas Priest- Love Bites 12" picture disc (Columbia/CBS) $65

-Lagwagon- Trashed (Fat Wreck) 1st press, signed by vocalist Joey Cape $40
-The Lemonheads- S/T (Vagrant) $40

-Me First And The Gimme Gimmes- Have A Ball (Fat Wreck)  $20
-Metallica- Ride The Lightning (Megaforce/Banzai) Canadian pressing, white label $80
-Metallica- S/T (Warner/EM Ventures) 2008 reissue 2lps  $40
-The Mummies- Play Their Own Records! (Estrus) original pressing $40
-Municipal Waste- Waste 'Em All (Six Weeks Records) blue vinyl $30

-Nervosas- S/T (Let's Pretend Records) 2lp set clear vinyl ltd to 500 copies   $30
-NOFX- The War Of Errorism (Fat Wreck) $30
-NOFX- Wolves In Wolves' Clothing (Fat Wreck)   $25

-Old Man Markley- Guts N' Teeth (Fat Wreck) $15 
-Only Crime- Virulance (Fat Wreck) $12
-Ozzy Osbourne- Scream (Epic/Sony) 2lps 180 gram, rare ltd 1500 worldwide $150

-Pinhead Gunpowder- Carry The Banner (Recess) white vinyl, ltd 500, most copies destroyed! Rare! $65
-Pinhead Gunpowder- Goodbye Ellston Avenue (Recess) pink vinyl, ltd 500, most copies destroyed! Rare! $65
-The Pop Group- For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? (Rough Trade/Y) w/all 4 posters $100 
-Propagandhi- Potemkin City Limits (Smallman) Rare Canuck punk!   $80
-Propagandhi- Failed States (Epitaph) $25
-Pulley- Time-Insensitive Material (Whens Lunch Records) space green vinyl ltd 523 copies. Rare! $30

-Quiet Riot- Quiet Riot II (CBS) Japanese only release, feat. Randy Rhoads. No obi. $60

-Ramones- Ramones Mania (Sire) 2 lp set $40
-The Real McKenzies- Westwinds (Fat Wreck)  $20
-Red Dons- Death To Idealism (Deranged) $16
-Red Dons- Fake Meets Failure (Deranged) 1st pressing green vinyl  $20
-Reel Big Fish- Candy Coated Fury (Rock Ridge Music) 2lp set  $25
-The Replacements- Tim (Sire) 180 gram reissue $35
-The Replacements- Pleased To Meet Me (Sire) 180 gram reissue $35
-Rise Against- Endgame (DGC/Interscope) ltd edi. 1000 copies in black marble vinyl, 180 gram  $35

-7 Seconds- Ourselves (Restless) $20
-Slayer- Reign In Blood picture disc (Def Jam/London) $80
-The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute (Fat Wreck) 2lp clear vinyl, misprint catalog # on spine $35
-SNFU-If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish (Better Youth Organization) first press w/printed insert $30
-Staring Back- On (Lobster Records) California punk. 2lp set, ltd to 300 copies   $16

-Tankard- The Morning After (Noise Int.) 1st German pressing $30
-Terrorizer- World Downfall (Earache) ’13 full dynamic range reissue, ltd to 900 copies   $50
-3 Inches Of Blood- Here Waits Thy Doom (Century Media) marble green vinyl ltd 666 copies, fully signed $40

-Weezer- S/T (red album) (DGC/Interscope) rare ltd red vinyl $60  
-Wire- 154 (4Men With Beards) 180 gram reissue   $60

-Y&T- In Rock We Trust (A&M) $8
-Y&T- Down For The Count (A&M) $8

-Zaum- Oracles (I Hate) yellow & red haze vinyl, ltd 250 copies $30
-Zaum- Eidolon (I Hate) green haze vinyl, ltd 250 copies + poster $30
-Zero Down- With A Lifetime To Pay (Fat Wreck)  $30

10" Records:

-Fatso Jetson- Flames For All (Man's Ruin) blue vinyl, ltd to 1500 copies $60
-The Frustrators- Bored In The USA (Adeline) $15
-Zebrassieres- Black Brainwave (Ptrash) Ottawa power pop/punk $15

7" singles/ep's:

-Steve Adamyk Band/Sonic Avenues- European Tour 2011 split ep (Ptrash)   $8
-A Wilhelm Scream- Boat Builders (No Idea Records) red vinyl, ltd 750    $15

-The Beaten Hearts- Badlands (Maladroit) $8
-The Beaten Hearts- Red Line Gurls (Sonic Jett) red vinyl $8
-The Blame Its/The Old Wives split ep (Eat Shit And Die Records) $8

-Cancer Bats/Black Lungs split ep (self release)  splatter vinyl ltd to 500 copies    $60
-Chixdiggit!- Chupacabras (Honest Don's) $8
-The Creeps- These Walls (Black Pint Records) Ottawa punk, blue vinyl ltd 400 copies  $15
-The Creeps- Follow You Home (It's Alive Records)   $8
-The Creeps- Creeping me out B/W Car Wash "Art of the Underground single series vol. 56, ltd 250 copies  $15
-Crusades- S/T (Scared To Death Records) first pressing ltd to 300 copies     $10
-Crusades- Parables (It's Alive Records) second pressing, ltd to 300 copies  $10

-Day Of Mourning- Penitence Towards The False Prophet (Sounds Of Revolution Records) grn vinyl, ltd 300   $8
-Defect Defect- Words (Clarence Thomas Records) $8
-Drag The River- Can't Leave These Strays (Suburban Home Records)   $8

-Envision- Changing Times (No Comply) blue vinyl ltd to 100 copies    $8
-The Ergs!- Thrash Compactor (Grave Mistake) $8

-The Flatliners- Cynics (Fat Wreck) yellow vnyl, ltd 254 copies $40
-The Flatliners/Snips Paper+Plastic  ep, 1st press, red/blue vinl ltd333copies $30 
-The Flatliners- Monumental (Fat Wreck) $8
-The Flatliners- Resuscitation Of The Year (Fat Wreck)   $8
-The Frustrators- Griller (Dr. Strange Records) 2011 Record Store Day release, red vinyl ltd to 200 copies  $10

-The Graboids- Back To Perfection (self-release) purple marble vinyl   $10
-Green Day- Live At Gilman St. (bootleg) $20

-H.O.D./...And The Great Saga Continues split ep (Pirates Records) ltd to 500 copies     $8

-The Jam- Beat Surrender ep (Polydor) 2x 45's  $10
-Joy Circuit- Pennsylvania, USA  based compilation punk single   $8

-Living Proof- The Band Is Living Proof, The Music Speaks For Itself (JMR) Rare Quebec punk from '83  $35

-Me First And The Gimme Gimmes- Go Down Under (Fat Wreck) 2x45's  $15

-NOFX- 7 Inch of the Month Club #12 (Fat Wreck) rare club edition picture disc    $35
-NOFX- Cokie The Clown (Fat Wreck)   $20
-NOFX/The Spits split ep (Fat Wreck)    $12
-NOFX- Stoke Extinguisher (Fat Wreck) $12

-Old Man Markley- For Better Or Worse (Fat Wreck) $8

-Portland Mutant Party Vol.2- Compilation ep, ltd green vinyl   $10
-Pulley- The Long And Short Of It (When's Lunch Records)   $12

-Red Dons- Pariah (Deranged Records) clear vinyl $8
-Red Dons- A Forced Turning Point (Taken By Surprise Records)   $8
-Red Dons- Auslander (Dirtnap)  $8
-Red Dons- Notes On The Underground (Grave Mistake Records)  $8

-The Strawmen- Jack Rabbit (Foul & Fair Records)  #155/500  $8
-Mark Sultan- Livin' My Life (Sultan Records)  white vinyl, ltd to 350 copies  $8

-Teenage Bottlerocket/ Ergs- Under The Influence Vol.4 split ep (Suburban Home) grn vnl, ltd to 700 copies  $20
-Teenage Bottlerocket- Mutilate Me (Fat Wreck)  $10
-3 Inches Of Blood- Anthems For The Victorious (Century Media)  $25
-Tragedy/Totalitar- Split ep (Armageddon Label)   $8

-Varsity Weirdos- High School Teen Party (It's Alive Records) white vinyl ltd to 250 copies   $8
-The Vibrators- Troops Of Tomorrow (Anarchy Music)  #280/500   $12

-Wednesday Night Heroes- Move To Press (Charged Records)  $12
-Wicked Swimming Dog- Fruit Sex & Tinkerbell (Dealer's Choice/Cargo)  $10  

Various LP's:

-The Beatles- Dig It! (NEMS) 18 unreleased tracks  $30
-The Dave Clark Five- S/T (Epic) 2lp set in true stereo  $40
-The Cryan' Shames- A Scratch In The Sky (Columbia) orig. '67 Canadian press   $30
-The Groove- 1964-65 Radio UNB compilation, feat. Anne Murray's 1st ever appearance on vinyl!  $150
-Hampton Grease Band- Music To Eat (Columbia/CBS) 2lp set   rare prog/psych  $60
-Jethro Tull- Stormwatch (Chrysalis)  cut corner $10
-Kukl- Holidays In Europe (Crass Records)  early Bjork from '85    $35
-John Lennon- The Lost Lennon Tapes Number 9 (Bag Records)  $40 
-Live Wire- Pick It Up  (A&M)  Dire Straits style rock  Japanese press w/obi strip   $25
-The Monkees- Instant Replay (RCA/Colgems) orig. Canadian press w/shrink wrap  $40 
-Pearl Jam- Vitalogy (Epic) rare orig. US press gatefold + booklet  $80
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers- Hard Promises (Backstreet/MCA) sealed orig. 1981 US Promo  $50
-Tom Petty- Full Moon Fever (MCA)  Rare!  $60
-The Platters- Encore Of Golden Hits (Mercury/Columbia House) 80's reissue? still sealed $10
-Johnny Preston- Running Bear  (Mercury)  1st Canadian press from 1960  $60
-Chad Price- Smile Sweet Face (Suburban Home)  vocalist from "Drag The River" ltd to 300 copies  $16
-Rank And File- Sundown (Slash Records) ex-members of The Dils. Cowpunk   $16