Thursday, October 18, 2018

Record Arrival @ LW

Various records that came in this week

Paul McCartney

John Lennon ~ The Beatles

Janis Joplin ~ Jimi Hendrix

The Bop Cats ~ The Monks
New Order ~ The Clash

DEVO ~ The Mongols
The Call ~ The Vogons

Uriah Heep

Kick Axe ~ Anthem
Krokus ~ Sacred Rite

KISS ~ Black Sabbath

David Bowie ~ Iggy Pop
Bob Dylan

Steve Harley ~ Moonquake ~ Tangerine Dream
Wet Willie ~ King Fish

Rolling Stones ~ The Who

Prince ~ Tom Petty

The Guess Who ~ UFO
Van Halen ~ Led Zeppelin

Doucette ~ George Thorogood

Johnny Cash

Discharge ~ Disensitise
"Picture Disc"

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