Thursday, May 31, 2018

Record Arrival @ LW

Here are some records that came in lately

Motorhead ~ Ian Gillan
Iron Maiden - Can I play with Madness (Pic Disc)

ME PHI ME ~ The Omen
Ultramanthis Black

Iron Gates ~ Propaganda
Dead Kennedys

Icon ~ Apocrypha
Diamond Rexx

Mad Max ~ Dead Engine

Manilla Road ~ Lydia Lunch
Dark Throne

The Vaynes ~ The Freeze
The Razorbacks

The Bopcats ~ The As
Siouxsie & the Banshees

Brilliant 4 ~ Johnny are you
Eight Root Army

Tones on Tail ~ Happy World
Ball & Pivot

Dissidenten ~ The Fuzztones
The Residents

 Magnum ~ The Nice
The Who

Nuggets Vol.3 ~ The Fix
Planet P

Sea Train ~ Greenslade
Iron Butterfly

Krokus ~ Exodus

Philisteens ~ The Vibrators

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