Saturday, January 6, 2018

RARE LIVE cassettes by various bands

I'm selling my personnel collection of hard to find un-official live cassettes.....I've collected these for the past 15 years.....I have little info on how you could buy these cassettes back in the day, maybe a advertisement in a Rock magazine (Hit Parader/RIP etc).It has Play Loud written on the right side and theirs little information on these.....The cover is made of photo paper and most of the back reads "This rare concert tape is limited issue for Fans, by the Fan Club, Play Loud, adjust your EQ CrO2 and dont forget to ask about other tapes in this collection" Some that I have are Metallica Live Stutgart 1987, The Cult Live Nirvana, Slayer In Search of Thrash Metal

Metallica: Metal Militia Germany 1987, Live Creeping Death, Stuttgart Live 1987
Destruction Live"Get Gnarly!",
Metal Maniacs Live, Metal Mash Live "So Hot"

Guns & Roses: Sweet Child Studio & Live, Your Crazy Live
Alice Cooper Dead Zone Live

The Cult Live Nirvana
Pink Floyd In The Flesh Live
AC/DC London Live 1976-1977

SLAYER In Search of Thrash Metal Live

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