Sunday, May 25, 2014

Yesterdays Record Expo

I wanna thank everyone that showed up to yesterdays RE.
As always, it was a great time with lots of vinyl to choose from.
The vendors brought a huge wide variety of wax
that made it fun just to look through. 
If it wasn't for the vendors and customers
the expo wouldn't be a success

Here are some pictures of the Expo and the happy customers with their finds 



& of course don't forget yours truly finds

Congratulations to Terry Du for winning the door prize basket

& to vendor Mat O'Blenis for the winning ticket of the 50/50 draw

Thanks to all & see you in the fall 


  1. thanx for organizing these record fairs of yours,,,,,keep up the good work my friend !!@@@ up the irons :)

    1. Your welcome Seb....Ya find some good wax from Gilles....I spent a good amount on some great stuff for the store....Some that I wanna keep for myself *lol*