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Signed John Lennon "Double Fantasy" LP worth $$$

I just finished watching the movie about Mark David Chapman “ The killing of John Lennon” for the 3rd time and was curious about the Double Fanatsy lp that he got signed hours before Lennon got shot.

As some of  you know, on December 8th 1980, John Lennon was killed outside his apartment in New York

Here's is a picture hours before of John posing for a fan Paul Goresh.

After that, Paul waited to take more pictures while 
Mark David Chapman waited with him to get his copy of Double Fantasy signed.

John Lennon stopped to signed the LP for him as he left his apartment building
 in New York. Paul Goresh took the only photograph of the singer 
signing the album with Chapman in the background.

A few hours after @ around 11pm, Mark Chapman shot Lennon 4 times in his back  

The original owner “ Phillip Michael” found the album outside the Manhattan apartment building in a 
flower planter where Mark David Chapman murdered Lennon just moments earlier.

Phillip Michael who was a maintenance worker at the time had submitted the album to police that same day “December 8, 1980”. During the investigation, officials discovered Chapman’s fingerprint and confirmed it was indeed his. Officials later returned it to him after the investigation was finished with a letter of gratitude from the district attorney for it was key evidence during Chapman’s trial. 

On the album it has a code of “ WJT-2 ” that would be a evidence file # during Chapman’s trial.


Six years later in 1986 from prison, Chapman sent the following letter to a memorabilia expert and asked how much that signed album would be worth. He sought to reclaim and sell the LP. 

He says “it would be the least I could do" to auction the album and donate the proceeds to a children's charity. "Is there any way to assess the value of an item such as this?"

For 19 years after John’s death, Phillip Michael kept the album in his position ‘til two decades later he sold it to an anonymous buyer for $165,000 in 1999 with police reports, fingerprints documentation & letters from the district attorney to prove it was legitimate.

The anonymous buyer wanted to keep his name a secret for he received death threats. Chapman himself sought to reclaim – and sell – the LP.  In 2010, the anonymous buyer 
decided to bring the album back for resale.  

His album is being sold for $850,000 through autograph dealer Gary Zimet's online site  “Moments In Time” lists the price available only on request. In the past it came with a reserve price of $525,000.00

"The album is the most extraordinary artifact in rock and roll history. It has Lennon's signature on the cover and Chapman's forensically enhanced finger prints on the sleeve," said Mr Zimet.

Mark David Chapman now 57 was denied parole for the seventh time on Aug. 22 2012

To this day, "Strawberry Fields" is one of the most famous sites to go visit while in New York. The entrance to the memorial is located on Central Park West at West 72nd Street, directly across from the Dakota Apartments, where Lennon had lived for the later part of his life, and where he was murdered in 1980.

It has circular pathway mosaic of inlaid stones, with a single word, the title of Lennon's famous song: "Imagine". 

JOHN LENNON 1940-1980

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