Thursday, November 28, 2013

Black Friday Sale Starts Tomorrow!

"Enter to win $50 in store credit"

For every purchase @ Live Wire you'll recv a "FREE" ballad for your chance to win $50 Gift Card @ LW
We'll draw the winner this Monday


As well, we'll be clearing out all sorts of goodies for Black Friday

25% off on all "new" Vinyl

60% off on used Records/'45
Cds/Dvd's & Games



50% off on all Merchandise & Clothing
Including: Tshirts, Posters/Flags, Patches/Buttons
Belts & Buckles, Wallets & more! 

30% off Record Players, Stereo & Gaming Systems

& 75% off
- Bin Records $5 & under
- Audio Tapes & VHS Movies
- Books & Mags
- Bin Cds $2 & under

Sale starts Friday @ 12pm
& ends Sunday Dec 1st  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Live Wire Xmas Basket

2013 Xmas raffle starts today

Tickets $2....3 for $5.... 8 for $10

List includes:

Queen - Sheer Heart Attack LP

Frank Zappa / MOI Limited Ed RSD '45

Kiss Water Bottle

Jimi Hendrix T-shirt

Record Sleeves

Gift Cert. for LW

& more

Draw is December 31st

Friday, November 22, 2013

From Metal 2 Rock News 4 U

New Series of Rock Icons

& the "Ronnie James Dio II"statue stands nine inches tall and is hand-painted and numbered. It’s officially licensed and limited to just 1,000 worldwide.

KISS is the frontrunner in the fan vote for induction into the 2014 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. As of Tuesday of this week, the legendary rockers have overtaken Nirvana and moved to #1 slot with 16.22%  to #2 Nirvana’s 15.9%.

Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil was recently asked by Vegas Rocks! magazine if guitarist Mick Mars' ankylosing spondylitis (a chronic arthritis that causes vertebrae in the spine to fuse together) was responsible, in part, for the band’s decision to call it quits in the next couple of years. Drummer Tommy Lee said as much in a recent statement, which Mick quickly refuted.

Added Vince, “I don't know why Tommy would say that. It really had nothing to do with Mick's health. It was just because we all felt — at least me and Nikki [Sixx, bassist] and Mick — felt that it was just we didn't wanna go out on the bottom. We didn't wanna be one of those bands that start fading away. We've been on top for 32 years, and it's great. And it's just like, you know what? By the time we finish this tour, it'll be 35 years of Mötley Crüe. So… that's really kind of it."

He added, “After this farewell tour, who's to say we won't play again? I could probably see us play way down the road — a concert here or concert there, maybe — but we're not, like, doing the KISS farewell thing, where they have their fifth farewell tour.”

New music is indeed on the way from Led Zeppelin. Well, new old music, that is.  Guitarist Jimmy Page has confirmed that upcoming Zeppelin album reissues will feature previously unreleased material. "Each of the albums has been remastered but it also has a companion disc with it," he said in a recent interview.

"Let's take, for example, Led Zeppelin III — that's remastered from analog from the original thing. I know everybody does that, but what they don't do.. I revisited all the working mixes that were done at the time. There's different versions. Say, for example, there's 'Since I've Been Loving You' — there's an incredible version of that which is totally different, it's really raw in its approach, it's quite dramatic, it's cool. That's one little item of it, but what it gives is a companion disc to Led Zeppelin III. It'll come out in its own box and all the rest of it. Each disc will give a really intimate picture of the group. That's the idea that I've had with it and I think it's successful."

He added, “It'll come out next year. When I say 'it' — each box comes out separately." When asked directly if unreleased material would be included, Page responded, “Oh yeah. I can't tell you [what it is]… It's got to be a little bit of a surprise, I can't give all the games away."

Eric Carr 1950 - 1991

November 24, 1991: Eric Carr, drummer for KISS, died of complications from a rare form of heart cancer.  He was 41 years old

Here's a drum solo in remembrance

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cd collection just came in

RUSH - 2112










AC/DC - Live
Aerosmith - GH
Anthrax - Persistence of Time

Beau Dommage
- Un Autre Jour Arrive En ville...
- Passagers

John Coltrane - My Favorite Hits

- Best Of... 2cd
- Greatest Hits

 - Hell Freezes Over
 - Their Greatest Hits

Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive

Harmonium - s/t
Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Soup

- Best of
- Switch

Roy Orbison - Essential

Ozzy - Diary of a Madman

Pink Floyd - A Collection of Great Dance Songs
Poison - Crack A Smile

Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex MagicRob Zombie - American Made Music To Trip

Simon & Garfunkel - Essential
Slayer - Christ Illusion
Sloan - A sides win Singles '92-'05
Smith - Best....1
Snoop Dogg - Best Of...
Sting - Dream of the Blue Travaler
Stryper - 7 Weeks Live in America 2003
- Best of 1990 - 2000
- All That You Can't Leave Behind

Van Halen
- Live Right Here, Right Now
- s/t

Weezer - s/t

Neil Young
- Living With War
- Mirror Ball
- Silver & Gold

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Anniversary Sale @ Live Wire

We'll be clearing out all in store merchandise to celebrate our 8th year in business

Sale includes:

50% off on T-shirts & Clothing
& Music Accessories inc. (Posters, Flags, Wallets, Patches)

Buy 1 get 1 "Free" on Cds, Dvds & Video Games
25% off  on Record Players, Stereo Equipment, Game Consoles

As well, we'll be clearing all vinyl records

75% off records $2-$5

50% off records under $15

25% off vinyl over $15 

Sale ends Nov. 30th 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Records that came in these past couple of weeks

Beatles - Revolver

David Bowie - Diamond Dogs

Frank Zappa & the Mothers Grand Wazoo

Iron Maiden - Live After Death 2LP

King Crimson - Lizard

Kiss (Self Titles)

Led Zeppelin - IV

Miles Davis King of Blue (2010 Reissue)

Ozzy - Blizzard of Ozz

Peter Tosh - Legalize It

Subhumans - From The Cradle to The Grave


AC/DC - Live Let's Get it Up/Back in Black

Alice Cooper
- Easy Action
- Muscle of Love

Chitz/Readyman Ltd Ed. 061/511
David Bowie - Peter & the Wolf
Damned - Anything

Deep Purple
- In Rock
-Machine Head

- Soft Parade
-Absolutely Live

- Live
-Peek ~a~Boo!

Bob Dylan - GH Vol II
Jimi Hendrix - Smash Hits
Janis Joplin - Pearl
Minor Threat - Out Of Step
Mothers of Invention - Best of
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Lou Reed - Interview

Rolling Stones
- Between the Buttons
- Flowers
- It's Only R'n'R

Steppenwolf - Monster
Subhumans - Worlds Apart
Vanilla Fudge - s/t
The Vapors - New Clear Days
Yes - Close to the Edge 

Frank Zappa
- Overnite Sensation
- You Are What You Is
- Zappa in New York
- Zappa/Mothers Roxy Elsewhere
- Zappa/Beefheart - Bongo Fury

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vinyl Collection just came in

Collection of over 50 lps came in this week:

Including albums by:
AC/DC, Beatles, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Damned, Miles Davis, Deep Purple, Devo, Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Maiden, Janis Joplin, King Crimson, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, Pink Floyd, Queen, Lou Reed, Rolling Stones, Slayer, Subhumans, Vapors, Frank Zappa

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sale ends today @ 6pm

Sales ends today @ 6pm

We're clearing all merchandise and a bunch of used vinyl

Vinyl are:
$2 and under: 50c each or 3 for $1

$3 - $5: $1 each or 3 for $2

All other used vinyl is 25% off sticker price

Merchandise including: Tshirts/Clothing, Cds/Dvds, Music Merchandise are 25% off

PSP Games $3-$5 & Buy 2 Get 1 free
All other Video Games are Half Price