Sunday, June 23, 2013

LW open early this morning 9am - ???

Well I'm at the store early this morning for 1 reason "No Sleep"

Nightmare on High St Pt 2

 It was quite the night for our nextdoor neighbors...I got woken up at 3am to loud blaring music ( Pantera - Megadeth - Slayer) "they do have good taste mind you not". Bottles smashing on the curb which reminds me of my old childhood days. I open the door and there's like 8 cars park in our driveway that you can only fit 6.

 This morning, I get ready for work and on my neighbors porch there's like 30 boxes of junk ( Clothes/Books/Plates Etc...) that wasnt there last night & on the front side walk it had a chalk outline of the slayer logo which reminds me of the one you see on the net of the little girl doing herself.

So I think my guess is this was a "We Got Evicted So Lets Thrash This place" party

Sale continues today Boys & Girls

Take Care

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