Sunday, April 21, 2013

Winners of RSD Draw

Here are the winners of the RSD prizes

George Harrison Early Takes Volume 1 LP, - Pierre Luc Larocque
Bob Marley EP- Lucas H
Bloody Diamonds, They've Got Secrets LP -  Wes
Bloody Diamonds, Monsters ep  -  John Cormier
Bob Dylan, Planet Waves LP  -  Kelly Tays
Antiseen, Honour Among Thieves  -  Remmington N.

Deep Purple Tshirt - John Lord  *lol*
Record Player Tshirt - Sandra Bezeau
Eric Clapton Tshirt - Anette Leblanc

The Natural Mystic of Bob Marley 2cds  -  David Boyle
Ozzy, Bark at the Moon cd -  Shannon Macneill
Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline cd - Behi

Queen Poster  -  Trevor Furlong
Jimi Hendrix Poster -  Andrew Kilam

Live Wire Gift Cert:
Andy Campbell
Lee O'Brien
Martin Goguen
Marc Doucet
Gerard Lloyd
Jeremy Mcdermott
Andrew Farrell

Record Expo Free Admission:
Todd Mazeroll
Mario Levesque
Todd Harper
Talon Beek
M E Woodside
Jean-Claude Leblanc
Paul Hutchinson
Jacques Richard
Eric Allain

You can claim your prizes at the store at anytime

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