Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Record Expo

I want to thank everyone for coming down last Saturday. We had a little over 250 people come this time around. Alot of good vinyl from the vendors.

Door prize winners are:
Kyle Maranda - Pink Floyd Book
Gilles Leblanc - Beach Boys 78 Lp
Gilles Melanson & Mellisa C. - The Beatles box set
Shawn Harquail - Pink Floyd Tshirt
Jan Palmer - Bob Marley 3cd set
John Lord - Jeff Beck CD
Pierre Luc Larocque - Rolling Stones 45
Greg Pringle - Kiss CD

Live Wire Gift Cert.: Marc Gaudet, Lee Johnson, Jesse Wood, Marcel White, Andy Cormier, Barry King, Kevin Boudreau, Jeremie Richard, Ashley E, Mike G, Justin S, Jessica W, Ron, Bill Trewin, Matthew Savoy, Kim M, Michael Molner, Nathan McDonald, Doug Gailan, Jeff Mckennah

Next Spring will be our 10th Anniversary so hope to see you there for fun & good finds.


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