Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well the Record Expo was another success and I wanna thank everyone who showed up. We had 75 people the first half hour for the early bird and over 250 people at the end of the day. Alot of good vinyl as well all in one spot.

Mike Wray - Elvis T-Shirt
Pam Mcallister - Best of 1979 CD
Doug Luck - Warbringer CD
Jeremy Richard - Dead Kennedy's 45'
Bobby Savoie - Paragon CD
Ray Auffrey - Derek & the Dominos 45'
Mark Mitchell - Live Wire GC
Matt ? - Sports Rock GC
Josh Hynes - Yardbirds LP
Glen Bourgeois - Live Wire GC
Kishan ? - Live Wire GC
Marc Gaudet - The Doors CD
Amanda Depaw - Grateful Dead Flag
Andrew ? - Bob Marley CD
Krista Richard - AC/DC T-Shirt w/ PJ Pants
Kenneth Y. - AC/DC CD
Jason Gallie - Adaptive Reaction 45'
Daniel Logan - Sonic Youth LP
Kyle Finnigan - Antiseen LP
Jim Connors - KISS CD
Donna Haley - Neil Young CD

Congratulations, you can claim your prize at:
Live Wire 339 Mountain Rd
Thanks to all  and see you in the Fall

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